Why SEO Can Be A Competitive Advantage

February 16, 2011
Why SEO Can Be A Competitive Advantage

SEO and organic search are one of the most powerful channels to bring visitors to your site. Often overshadowed by pay search, organic search has long been deemed unlikely to have an immediate impact. Since pay search is becoming so wide spread its effectiveness is spreading thin as well, leaving what has always been the backbone of your seo to shine.

So how do you know if you have good SEO tactics?

• You’ve done your homework with keyword research and update it when new terms/phrases become current or a thing of the past.
• Your pages and links are crawlable, indexable and generally search friendly.
• You provide quality content that users find useful.
• You have social media profiles on the major sites and are posting relatable content regularly.

When is your SEO Competitive?

• You have followed all of the above but added the competitive advantage of the below.
• The content on you site is something people want to read and to share.
• You have related companies, consumers, visitors linking to your content.
• The content you are producing focuses on your expertise and has your keywords baked into it and not forced.

Having good SEO strategy is key in developing an online presence, and although having a competitive SEO takes time, it is a good goal to strive towards.

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